Thrive Accelerator Application
For holistic health entrepreneneurs seeking to uplevel your business, step into confidence and thrive.
Ready to accelerate the growth of your holistic health business? Here's how we can do it together.
Thrive Accelerator is a 6-month mentorship program created exclusively for holistic health entrepreneurs seeking to shortcut the steep business building learning curve and master online marketing so that you can grow your business, scale your profits and make a greater impact – with flow and ease.

If you are an expert in holistic health who knows how to help your clients get healthy and reach their goals – but you are struggling to figure out how to turn your expertise into a sustainable business, Thrive Accelerator is for you.

I designed this personalized 1:1 program after experiencing firsthand what I believe is sorely missing in many professional wellness training programs. And that is this: strategic support, systems implementation, and essential training in modern business fundamentals, including online marketing, business systems automation, branding, storytelling and more.

In my case, as a certified yoga teacher trained by one of the most respected yoga teacher training programs, we spent just one afternoon on business Q&A before graduation – hardly enough to even scratch the surface of what's needed to thrive.

Thankfully, with over ten years as an online entrepreneur, branding strategist and web developer, (oh, and a masters degree in business from the University of California), I filled in the missing business gaps on my own.

Most holistic health professionals, however, are missing this vital education – which leads to struggle, burnout and for some, quitting altogether.

The world needs you to thrive in your wellness business so that you can continue to share your unique gifts, wellness knowledge, expertise, skills and service with the people who need you most.

It's time to step out of survival mode and step into thrive.

Do you agree?

My ideal client fits this criteria:
You are an expert in your wellness niche. You've completed your training and earned your certificates or licenses. You know how to help your clients experience big transformations in their health and overall wellbeing. However, you're spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to attract the right people, how to stand out from the crowd and how to turn your expertise into a profitable business that thrives.

You appreciate my personalized "one size does not fit all" approach and value insights and lessons learned from my years of online marketing and web development experience. You know the value of a mentor who can save you precious time (in months or years), help you leapfrog over mistakes they've already made (or seen countless others make) and support your growth as a confident leader in your niche. You are ready to invest in your business, knowing the ROI is clear. 

Is this you?
I am selective about who I work with and am specifically looking for holistic health entrepreneurs who are committed to going big and getting results. If this is you, please apply below. I'll be in touch within 48 hours to let you know if I can offer you a phone consultation.